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The home of safari

Six reasons to travel East Africa with Meraki Travel

East Africa is safari – rolling savannahs meet stark acacia trees and towering mountains, all topped off with a large helping of some of the world’s most sought-after wildlife. But even if you’ve been there, done that – and yes, you may have even got the tshirt – as far as a safari is concerned, you won’t be lost for other things to do in this neck of the woods. The myriad tribal cultures are nothing short of captivating, the sleepy, Indian Ocean lapped coastal villages are idyllic and the warm welcome (that you’ll receive everywhere) is one that’s hard to top.

So, “how could it possibly get any better?” we hear you ask. Well, whether it be to Kenya, Tanzania, or even both, book your dream trip to East Africa with Meraki Travel and we’ll show you how.

1. Itineraries: we’ve done the hard bit, now it’s up to you

You’ve made it this far into the website, so you’ve probably heard it all before – but just in case you’ve had a momentary lapse in memory, here comes our spiel again. Deciding where to start with East Africa can be pretty mind blowing, but luckily for you our expert team will be the fountain of information on hand to guide you every step of the way (without being annoyingly interfering of course). So, whether you pick our Kenya Classic, Tanzania Classic, or even our Kenya & Tanzania Classic Holiday, we’ve made sure that all the must-sees are in there. If you’ve opted for Kenya, no doubt you’re expecting the ochre landscapes of the Maasai Mara and if ticking Tanzania off your bucket-list then it’s likely to be the acacia-dotted Serengeti plains that you’re after. So we’ve sorted these (and other must-see locations) already in your base packages, now it’s down to you – with the help of our handy location guide – to create your own trip. Simple. 

two giraffes

2. No tricks have been missed

From your flights and driver right down to your hotels and experiences, we’ve got you covered. A typical package holiday isn’t exactly the coolest way to travel, but surely being able to book every detail of your trip of a lifetime on the one website is. Expert help? Cool. Choice? Cool. Sole control? Cool. We’re just the go-between, you’re in charge of this one.

3. Bedding down: we’re all about the choice

Whether it’s a hotel, lodge, villa or inn and you go for (big breath) standard, premium, character, or luxury, one thing that we can guarantee is a broad selection of places to rest your head at night – we’re talking accommodation to fit every budget. Don’t worry, none of us are here to judge. If you opt for standard, it means all the more money to enjoy yourself whilst you’re out there, right? Or, if you want to make things lavish by going for top, luxury accommodation then who are we to stop you. Treat yo’ self. The point is that we’ve sifted through the best of East Africa’s stock so that you don’t have to. 

Standard: Lake Naivasha Sopa Resort (Kenya)

The light and airy rooms are far away from being the centre of attention at this resort. With diverse wildlife wandering its lush grounds and an artistic design specifically modelled so as not to impose on its natural surrounds, this eco-friendly hotel is all about the animals.

Character: Maramboi Tented Camp in Tarangire (Tanzania)

38 spacious tented rooms rest in the vast ecosystem of Lake Manyara all furnished with a blend of cream and teal fabrics, four-poster beds, stylish en-suites and with a private veranda. As you wake up, you’ll be greeted with breathtaking scenes of the zebra, giraffe and gazelle dotted highlands of the Great Rift Valley.

Premium: Mara Ngenche Safari Camp in Maasai Mara (Kenya)

This luxurious tented camp in the Maasai Mara National Reserve comes complete with fantastic views of a busy hippo pool – talk about room with a view. The accommodation has 10 tents with four-poster king size beds, a bathtub and a private outdoor shower all furnished with an exquisite blend of African décor and old world charm.

Luxury: Baraza Resort & Spa in Zanzibar (Tanzania)

With its fusion of Arabic, Swahili and Indian design, beautiful antiques, handmade furniture and a prime spot on the pristine Bwejuu-Paje Beach, this resort is nothing short of exquisite. Each spacious villa is fit for a Sultan – think dreamy four-poster bed, Indian brass-lanterns dimly glowing, walk in dressing room and luxurious plunge pool.

boats in the sea zanzibar

4. Location, location, location

The possibilities really are endless. Because, at Meraki Travel – in case you haven’t noticed already – we’re all about choice. So, perhaps stories of your parents' honeymoon safari in Kenya have mesmerised you since you were about yeigh high. But you’re also tempted by some sugar-white sands – so will it be Mombasa’s myriad delights and alluring beaches? Or Zanzibar’s bustling old town and idyllic island attractions? It’s up to you to decide. Or maybe Tanzania’s endless wilderness and towering mountain’s are more your bag. But again beach is a must, so you can add Zanzibar on too. And, as if that wasn’t enough choice, put them both together and you’ll have locations coming out of your ears. Want our advice? Get as many in as possible – you only live once right?

tourists in a jeep taking pictures of an elephant

5. What is life without experiences?

Visiting somewhere is all well and good, but have you really seen it if you haven’t immersed yourself into all that the location has to offer? That’s where experiences come in. We believe that no holiday is complete without an experience or two which is why all base packages come with the must-do attractions included. And, if that’s not enough for you, you’ll have to ability to add on any number of themed experience packages too. Consider yourself an epicurean? Go for a ‘foodie’ pack. Love packing in the action. Opt for ‘active’.

No one goes to East Africa and skips out on a safari. You’re visiting this part of the world for a reason and our guess is that that reason is a whole lot of top-notch wildlife viewing. So, when you book a trip to anywhere in East Africa with Meraki Travel, you’re guaranteed a game drive or two – get your camera out because bucket-list animals come with your base package on this one.

You’ll traverse the iconic plains in a game vehicle, we’ve already confirmed that much but when it comes to experiences we want to make sure that you have all the options at your fingertips. So, if you’re looking for a different perspective on Tanzania’s stunning Serengeti or Kenya’s mighty Maasai Mara, why not hit the once in a lifetime button? An iconic hot air balloon ride awaits.

For the history buffs, one click of the ‘community’ experience pack button will see you immersed in traditional tribal ways of life with a Maasai Village visit in Kenya’s world-renowned Maasai Mara. And for something really special, if you’ve added Mombasa to your itinerary, a community pack will see you journeying back in time with an enthralling night show excursion.

And, when it comes to getting ‘active’, it doesn’t get much better than an ocean snorkeling safari in the dreamy waters off of Zanzibar’s coast.

starfish under the water in zanzibar

6. “Let’s fly, let’s fly away”

Who doesn’t love a bit of Sinatra? If you’re planning to holiday in style, upgrade your base packages to our Kenya Classic Flying Safari or Tanzania Classic Flying Safari for the ultimate way to travel in East Africa. These base packages come complete with light aircraft flights between your choice of premium or luxury hotels. Looking for a once in a lifetime experience? Book any of these itineraries and you’ll get a whole series of them included in your base package – flying over the wildlife dotted plains really is nothing short of mesmerising. You’ll feel like Will and Kate or Harry and Meghan in no time, everyone knows that the royals love an East African safari. 

street food east africa

But when all is said and done, it’s really East Africa that does all the hard work for us. The safari and the iconic landscapes will be incredible, there’s absolutely no doubt about that. And for years to come, when looking back at your time in this corner of the world, it will be the countless smiling faces and friendly shouts of “jambo!” that keep the memories of this holiday alive. Oh, and if you haven’t heard it already, play the 80s Kenyan pop song ‘Jambo Bwana’ on repeat to get yourselves prepped for the vibrant spirit of this incredible place. 

Head over to our Explore pages to start planning your adventure now.

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